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Valentines Bingo February Groundhog Day Bingo Super Bowl Bingo Valentine Special Bingo Mardi Gras Bingo 13000 Bingo February Leap Year Bingo

Valentine's Bingo Tourney

Have you got that Bingo lovin' feeling? Even if you haven't maybe our Valentine's Bingo Tourney will help you. Running throughout the month of February, in the Valentine Bingo Room, we're bringing you bingo fun between Friday and Sunday. These exciting bingo tourneys have a weekly prize giveaway totaling $2,000!

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The tourneys' games are based on Valentine's Bingo Patterns including candles, chocolate, Cupid's arrow, a heart and a red rose, to name just a few! During the eligible days of the tourney, these games will play one an hour in the Valentine's Bingo room. Each game offering a crazy cash prize up to $50.00.

What makes these fun bingo games so crazy? Each time a number is called, the prize pot will randomly change to a prize value of up to $50.00. Isn't that a little extra fun! To join in, you need to buy your bingo cards, which will be sold at $0.50 per card. There's even a promo of buy 6 and get 3 free!

In order to succeed, only wins made within the bingo tourney will be put towards winning the tournament.

These wins must have been made within the tourney time-frame. If you're lucky enough to win, the prize will be added to your account the following Monday once the tourney is completed.

Groundhog Day

Head on over to the Valentine's Bingo Room (yes, we're in the month of love now!), at 8:00PM EST on Sunday, February 2 EST and you will be able to participate in our Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game.
We're adding to the bingo fun with special $100 Guaranteed games and Starting games so that you can walk away instantly with some exciting prizes.

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The Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game plays as the Top of the Hour game at 8:00PM EST and is filled with coverall fun with up to $1,000 in cash to be won. If you are planning to join in the Groundhog Day fun, then you'll need to purchase a few bingo cards. Bingo cards for this event are priced at a reasonable $1.00 per card. What's even better is that we're offering an additional promo on these cards with a Buy 3 get 2 Free offer!

Super Bowl Tourney

Every year things heat up in the football, and what better way to join in on the fun than by offering you the chance to get your hands on some fun bingo prizes. On Sunday, February 2 EST, head on over to our USA Bingo Room from 6:00PM EST until 12:00AM EST.

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There's a total giveaway of $500 during the event, but one lucky winner could be walking away with the top prize of $250 in cash! And this could be you! All other winners (and there are other winners), will split the remaining $250 and receive their prizes as Free play bingo bonus.

So what games have we got in store for you? Well, the tourney will play on a High Low $75.00/ $35.00 games. These games will play as Top of the Hour games during the 6:00PM EST to 12:00AM EST hours.

The more special Super Bowl Tourney games that you win, the bigger the prize.
We've even offered this at a super budget-friendly level as the cards are all priced at just $0.50 per card, isn't that exciting. On top of that, we have a card promotion. If you buy 6 cards we're going to give you 3 more for free!

Valentine Special

February 14th is already a special day for many around the world, but we thought we'd make it that little bit better. This Valentine's Day we're going to play our incredible $1,400 Coverall with minimum $140 games. And all of this can be found in the Valentine's Bingo Room.

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As love is in the air, we thought we'd give all you love birds an extra boost with this Valentine's Day bingo offer. Head to the Valentine's Bingo Room from 6:00PM EST to 10:00PM EST in order to be in on the qualifying games and get a piece of the action.

The Valentine's Bingo games involved will be played at the top of the hour as well as in the mid hour. But don't forget, these games will end at 10:00PM EST so playing games after this time will not be eligible for the prizes we have in store for you.

The bingo cards for the Valentine's Special are all priced at $1.00 per card. However, we're giving you an extra set of chances to get some exciting games. That's because if you buy 6 cards, we're going to give you an extra 3 for free! Now there's no excuse to miss out!

This February, we're spreading the love with these exciting bingo games, so make the most of it. Join us, and other love-struck players, in the Valentine's Bingo Room and see if your luck is with you. Who knows, maybe you'll get to meet a special someone there as well!

Mardi Gras Bingo

This year Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, February 25th, and we're going to get you enjoying this bright Carnival Celebration. In order to properly enjoy this festival, we're giving you the chance to join in on the action in a cycle of bingo games held in the Valentine's Bingo Room.

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The games will start at 6:00PM EST and run for just 2 hours until 8:00PM EST. That means there's a relatively small window for you to jump in on, so don't miss out on this exciting event.

So what is it you will actually be playing for when you join this event? Well we will be playing some very specific games. There are $300 Guaranteed games which will be played as Top of the Hour games.

Cards for these games will cost $1.00 per card, so why not get a couple!

There will also be bingo games where the starting pot is set at $100 and increases with player wagers.

For each of these games the cards are just $0.25! Now that's a bargain even if we do say so ourselves.

What's even better is that we're offering Free card promos throughout this 2 hour event.

For every three cards you buy, we're going to give you an extra two cards for free. How's that for an extra bit of celebration! Don't miss out on this truly exciting, and lucrative, event.
Mark Tuesday, February 25th in your calendar and let's enjoy some Mardi Gras bingo fun together!

Valentine $13,000 Big Bingo Event

On Saturday, February 29 EST, our biggest bingo event of the month will be here. The event will take place in the Tourney Room and run from 7:00PM EST through to 11:00PM EST.

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There are going to be three warm-up games to get players ready, each played on the hour - 7:00PM EST, 8:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST.

These warm up games are going to be super lucrative as they offer a $1,000 Guaranteed Game at the top of the hour. Cards are $2.00 each. That's an amazing $3,000 in guaranteed cash prizes and it's only a warm up in preparation for the biggest bingo game of the month!

But the big event is yet to come. At 10:00PM EST is where our top game comes in. Here, we're offering you an incredible $10,000 guaranteed game! For this game, the cards are selling at $5.00 each, but you're really in for an impressive win if you come in the top spot!

Leap Year Bingo

2020 is a leap year and this means that there's an extra day of play for you! We're making the most of it and offering you the chance to play an extra bingo tourney every Saturday throughout the whole of February. Head over to the Nickel Bingo Room from 1:00PM EST to 9:00PM EST on Saturdays.

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These games will be played as both Top of the Hour and mid hour so that the tourney is playing twice an hour for the entire duration of each tourney. This gives you ample opportunities to get in on the action and hopefully get some winning cards under your belt.

But how do you reach the top? Well, it's all down to how many games you win. The more of these special Leap Year Bingo games you win throughout the tourney, the higher up the rankings you'll be. So with that in mind, you need to buy some cards, get playing and see if you can be the winner.

Each game will be a pari-mutuel game with a starting pot of zero. This pot will increase as players place their wagers on the game with no limit on how high the prize can climb. As the games are taking place in the Nickel Bingo Room, we're also going to be keeping the cards down low at a budget-friendly cost of only $0.05 a card.

Each week we will be awarding prizes totaling $100. This will be split between the top five players in each of the Leap Year Tourneys and means a total monthly giveaway of $500. All prizes are credited to the player's account every Sunday once the winners have been established.



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