Cashier Check

You can withdraw funds from your 5Dimes account via cashier check.  Your cashier check will be sent to you using an express courier such as FedEx.  Currently, cashier checks are only available as a withdrawal option.

How to withdraw funds from your 5Dimes account by Checks

Login to the 5Dimes system, go to the Cashier page, click on the green icon with the dollar and arrow sign and it will take you to the Payouts section. Once there, click on the check icon and fill in the information required in the following page.

IMPORTANT: Most of the checks are sent from foreign banks. Please confirm with your bank if a foreign bank check will be accepted and cashed prior to requesting cashier check payments.

A cashier check will be sent within 24-48 hours after your request has been submitted if entered before 1:00 PM ET Monday through Thursday.  The minimum withdrawal amount that can be sent via cashier check is $1000 and maximum $7500 (US customers ONLY).  $3000 is the maximum amount that can be sent to Canada.

Payouts for amounts higher than $3000 require specific documentation; contact Customer Service via Live Help for more information. For first time payouts, US customers may request a check in the amount of $1000 up to $3000.

You can request a maximum of one check every 7 days.  Please check with Customer Support for the availability of this method in your area.

Please note we are unable to send check payouts to Washington State.  $3000 is the maximum check amount that can be sent to the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Maryland and Oklahoma.

US customers receive checks sent using express delivery in approximately 7 to 10 business days after the date the redemption is processed.

Cashier checks must be deposited through a bank machine teller as soon as received or within 2 weeks of receiving your payment.  5Dimes cannot be held liable for cashing difficulties when more than 2 weeks have passed from the issuing date of the check, and monies will not be refunded.

Internal policies of some bank accounts in which checks are deposited could cause delays in the clearing process.  This varies account to account and bank to bank.  5Dimes will not be held responsible for cashing delays/complications imposed by your bank.

Fees associated with FedEx

Withdrawal: Checks sent via FedEx have an escalated fee:

$40 for $1000
$60 for $1001 up to $2000
$80 for $2001 up to $7500

Be aware that FedEx packages take 7 to 10 business days to arrive after the date the redemption is processed.  FedEx tracking numbers are not disclosed by the processor.

Returned packages due to delivery impossibilities caused by incorrect or incomplete address information or inability to locate the recipient will incur in a $50 fee and will permanently ban your account from this payout method.

Stop payments cannot be performed by the merchant.  In order to receive a refund of a check payout, the original check must be sent via express courier to the 5Dimes headquarters.  Credits will not be issued until the check is in our possession.  Express courier charges or any other fees incurred will not be covered.  Contact Customer Service via Live Help to have the mailing instructions sent to you.

If forced to request a stop payment to the processor, the account will be charged a $250 fee and the credit will not be posted in your account until confirmed as completed by the merchant.  Either case will permanently ban your account from processing check payouts.

Remember, redemption requests processed on Mondays between 9:00AM and 1:00PM ET may qualify to be sent free of charge if no payouts have been processed in your account during the past 30 days. Check redemption requests up to $3000 may qualify to be sent completely free of charge.  If you have received a withdrawal from 5Dimes in the past 30 days you are NOT eligible for a free withdrawal. You are allowed ONE free withdrawal every 30 days only.  If you wish to wait 30 days and until a Monday to have your redemption processed for free, you must contact Customer Service at the time of your request via Live Help.  You may also call 1-800-430-5896.  Any payout request that does not qualify to be sent for free/discounted will be processed having the corresponding fees applied without exceptions.

For more information visit our Check FAQ or contact 5Dimes Customer Service Live Help.

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