Credit/Debit Card Deposits

You are now able to use your credit/debit card to make a deposit.  This option is currently available in our cashier for several countries. 

Only cards under the account holder's name are allowed to deposit.  Transactions processed using third party cards are deemed as high risk and will ban your account and personal information from future card deposits.
How to deposit funds to 5Dimes using your Credit/Debit Card

Login to your 5Dimes account and click on the Cashier link from the top menu. Select to make a deposit and click on any of the options listed on the Credit Card section. Follow the instructions and make sure to fill the information correctly. The minimum amount that you may deposit using this method is $50 and there is a maximum of $500 per transaction (limits may vary).

IMPORTANT! Our debit/credit card processors use a 3D secure XML based protocol as an additional security layer for online card transactions. When using our mobile sites to deposit with a card, please make sure to CLOSE ANY NEW TABS/WINDOWS opened in your browser by the 3D secure protocol. Failing to close these tabs/windows may result in DUPLICATE TRANSACTIONS, as your browser will refresh all its tabs every time you access it, including the 3D secure protocol one, and this will send another transaction request to your card.

After carefully filling out the Credit Card form, hit "Submit". The information provided in the form must match the one used in your sports account. Third party cards are prohibited when using this funding option.

Please make sure you understand thoroughly the Terms and Conditions therein contained prior to using your credit card. By proceeding to deposit through this option, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions attached to credit/debit card deposits.
Fees associated with Credit/Debit Cards

Deposits via credit/debit card into your sports account are always free of charge and are processed 24 hours a day.  Additional fees charged by card issuers for processing international transactions or any other reason will not be covered.

WARNING! Some of our processors may submit your credit card charge in a currency different than USD, making you incur in currency exchange rate fees. These fees are credited to your sports account upon request by contacting our Credit Card department via Live Help

IMPORTANT - Prior payouts, documentation of your successful Card deposits will be required to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT. This process requires for you to send: an image of your legal picture ID, an image the front side of your card and an authorization form filled out and signed.  Click here to get your authorization form. Upon discretion other information may be required.  Please make sure each document requested by our verification team is sent in a different attachment (do not put your ID and Card images or authorization form in the same document).  Management reserves the right to process card refunds for customers who deposit with credit/debit cards as part of a payout request or for the complete amount of payout requests.

For more information visit our Credit/Debit Card FAQ or contact 5Dimes Customer Service Live Help

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