Account to Account Transfers (ATAT)

An Account to Account Transfer (ATAT) is a way to transfer funds to/from another user's already funded 5Dimes account.

How to use Account to Account Transfers

Simply contact 5Dimes via Live Help or call 1-800-430-5896 for more information pertaining to Account to Account Transfers.

All payouts must undergo verification process prior to a transfer approval. ATAT are not permitted without managerial approval when an account has been funded with a credit/debit card.

ALL Account to Account Transfers must be requested by e-mail.  The minimum Account to Account Transfer is $50.

Fees associated with Account to Account Transfers

Account to Account Transfers are always free of charge and will not be counted towards your free payout every 30 days.

Account to Account Transfers are usually available within the same day.

5Dimes reserves the right to block any player(s) from Account to Account Transfers.

A deposit followed by immediate transfer and then a redemption will not be tolerated.

For more information contact 5Dimes Customer Service Live Help.

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